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The Craziest Things I Have Seen as a Real Estate Agent

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Being a REALTOR®, we have access to people’s most intimate space, their home. Our real estate team has interacted with literally thousands of people and their houses over the years. For the most part, the scenarios are fairly normal. There may be some homes with choices in decor that I would not personally make and others aren’t quite as clean as one would hope. Some buyers exaggerate income and a handful of sellers get angry when their home isn’t appraised as high as they expected. However, for the most part, we see pretty normal stuff in the course of a day. Although, with as many homes as we show, list, and sell; we are bound to run into a few, …

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My 6 Pet Peeves About Real Estate Agents

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OK fellow REALTORS®, protect your toes because they just might get stepped on. In another post, I mentioned the perception the general public has of real estate agents. Cheesy prima-donnas driving leased luxury cars and disappearing once the commission check is handed over. Well, I’ve fought my whole career to dispel that image but I’ve also learned why it rings somewhat true. Here a few of real estate agent pet peeves I feel contribute to the perpetual stereotype. Unprofessional Appearance A few years back, I showed one of my listings (which was a VERY nice and VERY expensive home) to buyers from out of town. The agent who requested the showing rolled up and rolled out of the car. My …