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The Craziest Things I Have Seen as a Real Estate Agent

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Being a REALTOR®, we have access to people’s most intimate space, their home. Our real estate team has interacted with literally thousands of people and their houses over the years. For the most part, the scenarios are fairly normal. There may be some homes with choices in decor that I would not personally make and others aren’t quite as clean as one would hope. Some buyers exaggerate income and a handful of sellers get angry when their home isn’t appraised as high as they expected. However, for the most part, we see pretty normal stuff in the course of a day. Although, with as many homes as we show, list, and sell; we are bound to run into a few, let’s say… “unexpected” situations. Here are a four of the crazy, funny real estate stories to tell around the office.

Liar Buyer

We had a listing on a very high end property. A seemingly perfect buyer appeared from out of the blue and made an attractive offer. On first impression, the gentleman seemed to be well to do and said he was prepared to pay cash. Splendid! He made the initial deposit to buy the home and we proceeded forward with the contract, inspections, appraisals, and paperwork. Come closing day, the buyer came in before the seller to sign all the papers. Everyone was thrilled at how smooth this transaction was going. That was until a few hours later when it was discovered that the account number from which the money was to be wired didn’t exist. In fact, the buyer as he presented himself didn’t exist. He was a fraud, and he was broke.

That’s Not Where That Goes

On an office tour of homes for sale in the area, we entered a home that lacked the standard of tidiness you would expect when the owner knows dozens of REALTORS® will be stopping by during the day. But, eh, we’ve seen worse. However, when we entered the bedroom, we noticed something that I don’t think any one of us ever expected. There was a used condom next to the bed…right there in plain sight. One of my colleagues asked, “Is that…what I think it is?” Yep. It was. C’mon people! Pick up after yourselves!

The House from Hell

Speaking of the unclean. You know it’s bad when the police officer inspecting the home you had to help a client evict tenants from exits the front door wearing a hazmat suit and is still gagging. This one was BAD! In addition to literally inches of accumulated dirt and grime on the counters, windows, toilets, and floors, I am not sure that the tenant ever bothered to take their dogs outside to use the bathroom as evidenced by the pee stains and remaining feces throughout the house. It was so bad that even the laminate in the living room was warped from being constantly wet with dog urine. It was truly a house of horrors…and the smell! Oh, that one will be in my nightmares for a long time.

Nobody Wants to See That!

On two separate occasions, I have witnessed WAY more than I bargained for when entering a client’s home for a showing. The first was a male client in all his naked glory exiting the shower just as the buyers and I made it to the master bedroom. Luckily, I was able to shield their eyes and back out of the room before any irreparable damage was done. In another home, I walked in on a panicked scramble as two half dressed high schoolers struggled to find their clothes after we apparently interrupted their heavy make-out session on the living room couch. Let’s just say there were lots of red faces in that room. In my defense, in both cases, the showings were scheduled in advance and we rang the doorbell, knocked, and loudly announced our presence. What more could I do, right?

I hope you enjoyed these short anecdotes. There will be more to come for sure. Despite the “surprises” we encounter, we truly have the best job and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! Well, I might want to erase some of the mental images I described above. 🙂

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